Tronco Festival Flamenco de Tampere / Tampereen Flamencovikko 22.07.2015

"A thousand thousand thanks finest and charming Mar Flamenca: Josefine Chiacchiero, Johan Moberg, Nicolas Lazo Zubieta, Rocio Vilaplana! Tronco Flamenco was a huge success! Fine work, fine artists. Both children and adults enjoyed it." 
Anu Silvennoinen, president of Tampereen Flamencovikko

"A wonderful mystical journey! Hopefully they make tours to other parts of Finland." Visitor of Tampereen flamencovikko

"The Swedish Flamenco group with the work Tronco Flamenco have the pieces in place professionally. (…) Dancer Josefine Chiacchiero and musicians Johan Moberg, Nicolas Lazo Zubieta and Rocío Vilaplana are all stunning. Special mention to insightful design of suit to My Chiacchiero.
Merja Koskiniemi, Aamulehti, newspaper of Tampere/Finland.